We decided to rebrand. Here’s why.

“Follow the bee to discover your new destination…”

Gobee.bike started as a simple idea: to create a service that could help facilitate short commutes for the local Hong Kong community, improve urban mobility, and in doing so, reduce congestion and pollution.

When we first developed our identity in March, when we initially conceived of this concept of bike-sharing for Hong Kong, we thought the bee would best symbolise what our services stand to represent: community, freedom and interconnectivity.

Why? First and foremost, the bee symbolises community, brightness and personal power. Follow the bee to discover your new destination. On a similar vein, anyone can, at anytime, ride our bikes to any new destination of their choosing without having to return them to where they initially found them. In essence, our bikes empower individuals with newfound freedom – the freedom to explore new areas previously unknown to them, the freedom to discover oneself (with a new hobby), and the freedom to ride to work as an alternative means of transport.

Moreover, bees are also one of the most productive species in the animal kingdom. They stay focused on whatever they are doing and do not get sidetracked from their goal. This reflects the hard working spirit and laser focus of our team who have been working arduously, day in and night, to fuel and further the growth of the company since our inception.

A little piece of trivia: did you know that the bees’ legs are one of their most sensitive organs? They actually use them to taste. Through the usage of the bee as our corporate imagery, we hope to remind people in Hong Kong – who perpetually live busy lives – to slow down, to smell the flowers and taste the sweet nectar of life.

Last but not least, the bee is a highly important pollinator of many plants; they hold the power of service. When landing upon a flower to collect its nectar, pollen also attaches itself to the leg. This is then passed on to other flowers, creating a fertilisation process. Their movement from one plant to plant represents the interconnectedness of all living things. The bumblebee is a messenger bringing the secrets of life and service. Through our bike-sharing operations, we too hope to service the community at large and bring people together through a shared love of riding and a shared passion to reduce carbon emissions and promote a greener and cleaner environment.

Which now brings us to the choice of our new logo…

As you can see, the bee has now been simplified and stands in a more abstract form to its predecessor. If one were to look more closely, you would also be able to visualise the word ‘go’. We believe this imagery bears more resonance to our new corporate identity of a brand that stands to represent freedom, innovation, trendiness and authenticity.

As we set to scale internationally in our journey, we hope to carry forward both the friendly and industrious spirit of the bee as we continue to service a broader, and more global community. At the same time, we strive to introduce a sense of newfound freedom, liberation, and a shared sense of interconnectivity amongst all gobee riders.