Gobee Launches in Turin, Italy – Another Milestone

Today marks another important milestone for us as we make our first debut in Turin, Italy.

Known for its refined architecture and cuisine, Turin must be one of Italy’s most unsung cities. While most travelers to Italy head to the triptych Rome-Florence-Venice, Turin appears to remain off the tourists’ radar. Not off our radar, however.

Rome may have its association with Antiquity and Florence with the Renaissance, but Turin is Italy’s regal city per excellence. As the capital of the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, sports cars and chocolate are a matter of pride. Come to Turin and expect to be greeted by large, majestic boulevards, arcaded shopping streets and countless historic cafes. Coming to think about it, there is probably no other city in the world with as many historic cafés still in operation, where you can soak up the revolutionary and literary atmosphere of the 19th century. Nietzsche, Puccini, Cavour and Cesare Pavese were all habitués of these famous coffee houses.

Launching in Turin marks the fourth country our green bikes have proudly set their tyres upon. From our inaugural debut in Hong Kong, our hometown, our humble fleet have boldly ventured overseas to serve the communities in France, Belgium and most recently, Italy. Depicted below, is a summary of our key milestones achieved since our birth in April.


As you can see, our growth trajectory thus far has been marked by a momentum of milestones. While the journey has certainly been exciting, is not without its challenges. Perhaps the most salient reward of all though, is the sheer number of compliments we received amongst our users from different cities of how much they love our bike-share system. What people are telling us is that this is different than other parts of the transportation network. The way they see bike-share as being flexible, as being individual, as being immediate, as being place-to-place rather than station-to-station—that fits in with the way they think about their life right now.

Which brings me to draw one final conclusion: Time has come to adopt a new paradigm for sustainable urban transport. And that time is now. By continuing to improve our operations to make the customer experience as seamless as possible, we hope to penetrate more markets globally in hopes of introducing a convenient eco-friendly mode of intra-city transport for citizens of the world.